Jessica Rhaye

by Jessica Rhaye

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released September 1, 2000

Produced by Nando Speranza

Recorded at CMS International, Moncton, NB
Engineering & Mixing by Nando Speranza
Mastering by Soundtracks Studio, Laval, PQ

Design by Steve Dupuis at Big Bang Marketing

Jessica Rhaye: Vocals
Kim Dunn: Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Mike Bourgeois: Guitars
Ray Leger: Mandolin, Fiddle
Danny Maillet: Dobro & lap steel
Danny Bourgeois: Drums
George Poirier: Stand-up Bass
Andre LeBlanc: Keyboards
Mike Hanlon: Guitars
Mike Burley: Electric Bass
Paul Owen: Drums



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Jessica Rhaye


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Track Name: I Breathe Your Light
What do you dream of when you look my way
How shall I call you when I picture your face
A song without music
Has no soul
As I am without faith

I breathe your light
I breathe your light

Candle is burning but it sheds no light
Darkness it circles
It is haunting me tonight
Sand keeps on falling
By the hour time is wasted
Ripped off like a scar

Shadows surround me living in the past
Picture frames holding images that last
A day not worth living has no life
As I am without you

I breathe your light
I need your light
I taste your light
All around me
Track Name: One Last Time
You were so cold
The night you drove me home
The air was so cold
It was breathing on its own
A knife couldn't cut the tension
No apologies accepted
On the night you drove me home

I have listened to every love song
That reminds me of you
I have erased the lovely portraits
From my mind of you
One last time

Were you scared
To hear the words I said
I was so scared
Poured my heart out 'til it bled
Do I dare disguise my feelings
Swallow pride this once for thinking
That maybe you still cared

Was it my voice
That trembled as I spoke
Maybe my eyes
That gave a hopeful look
To fear my love I loathe thee
I swear the word has gone and curse me
And left me in the cold
Track Name: My World
I never see you long enough
To say that I love you
I never hold you long enough
To know that I need you
In the morning
The sun starts to shine
I am still dreaming of tomorrow

Thank you my love my life
For sharing each moment
For laughing and loving
Understanding my heart
I love you, I do
I love you, I do

You always know the time
And how to say goodbye
You always find the words
And the ways to make me smile
In the evenings
The sun starts to set
You shower me with your sweet kisses

We go on living
Planting out dreams ahead
If they don't come true
I'd rather have you instead
In the evening
The stars start to shine
I look at you my world beside me
Track Name: No More Me and You
Don't go saying anything
Until you've heard my story
Don't go assuming that we're over
When you don't even know why
I don't call you
I don't write you
Haven't seen you
Haven't done nothing with you in a while

Don't go saying anything to anyone
Until I'm done crying
Don't go spreading your lies
Telling everyone how much I have hurt you
Or hate you or left you alone to die
Cause they'll know yes they'll know
When they hear your lies
Cause you've gone and done this
To too may people too many times

I've had it I'm through
No more putting on a smile for you

When you've down I'm down
When you're up I never know if I should be
Jumping up off the ground
And I've told you many times
Hey Babe you don't get it straight
I am leaving you

Don't speak unless you have something true
Or good to say to me
Too bad I had to interrupt and ruin your precious day
But I've had it I'm through no more me and you
I just can't do this
Can't take your stubborn comments anymore

Sit down on the chair next to you
But not too close by me
I feel the heat on your breath
As soon as you make your move to surrender to me
But I won't let you win not this time
No I won't let you win not this time
Cause I've gone and done this to myself too many times
I've said it before I'm not living in your lies no more