Good Things

by Jessica Rhaye

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An organic singer/songwriter album that takes you on a trip back to the great singers and songwriters from your parents' record collection including Joan Baez, CSNY, John Denver, Melanie Safka and more; with a focus on simple and classic instrumentation such as stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and piano.


released September 1, 2009

Jessica Rhaye: vocals & acoustic guitar
Ed Woodsworth: double bass, pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars, keys & bg vocals
JP Cormier: madolin, banjo, violin & acoustic guitar
Dave McKeough: acoustic guitar & dobro guitar
Kim Dunn: piano, organ & wurlitzer
Brian Talbot: drums
Dave Gunning: acoustic guitar & bg vocals
Jamie Foulds: organ & bg vocals
Ian Aker: saxophone
Albert Lionals: trumpet

Producer: Ed Woodworth
Engineer: Jamie Foulds
Executive Producer: Mark Marshall
Recorded at Soundpark Studios, Sydney, Nova Scotia by Jamie Foulds
Additional recording at Wee House of Music Co., Pictour, Nova Scotia
Mixed at Soundpark Studios by Jamie Foulds and Ed Woodsworth
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto, ON

Art Direction & Design:


all rights reserved



Jessica Rhaye


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Track Name: Good Things
Verse 1
Moon shines overhead
Stardust in our eyes
Fools gold in our pockets
Fortunes in disguise
What are you waiting for
You’ve been waiting for this so long
When you need it more than you did before, don’t hold on
When you’re not waiting for it
Good things come along
Verse 2
Blue skies up ahead
Sunshine in our eyes
Two souls on the sidewalk
Good things on the rise
Good things come along when you think that there is no more
Good things come along and soon they’ll be knocking at your door
Track Name: Shining Star
Look at all the stars tonight
How beautiful they are
If I could only glow as bright
I’d be your shining star

Verse 1
My Baby he’s a honey bee
His kisses taste so sweet
People seem to stop and stare
As we’re walking down the street
I try not to look like a fool
But it’s hard to hide from love
When I close my eyes at night
He’s the one I’m dreaming of

Verse 2
One day I’m going to marry him
And make him my sweetheart
Whisper Baby in his ear
I’ve loved you from the start
Someday when we’re old and gray
Wrinkles from head to toe
We’ll still sing the same love songs
And dance in afterglow
Star light, star bright, the first big star I see tonight
Star light, star bright, I’d like to make a wish on that star tonight
Track Name: Rose Coloured Glasses
Verse 1
These days I’m looking through rose colored glasses
Funny how everything looks grey
Nothing feels good or tastes good or smells good to me
Funny how everything seems faded these days

Hanging on to love by a thread
Hanging on to what I once had
Hanging on to love by a thread
Hanging on to what I once had

Verse 2
Blacked out the other day and woke up on the floor
Can’t remember ever feeling that way before
Everything went cloudy and fuzzy what’s happening to me
Funny how everything seems faded once more

Fire on the third floor
I am jumping out to save my soul
Track Name: Maybe
Verse 1
It started with an itch
Than my eye began to twitch
When he walked into my life
My heart would start to pound
If I knew he was around
Heard his voice or spoke his name
So I went to see the doctor
Told him what was going on
All he did was smile
And said nothing can be done
He told me “You're not going crazy, I think you're in love”

Verse 2
I couldn't catch my breath
And my palms they start to sweat
When he reaches for my hand
Cross my heart and hope to die
Stick that needle in my eye
I would never be untrue
So I went to see my Mother
Can you tell me what is wrong
All she did was smile
As if she knew it all along
She told me “You're not going crazy, maybe you're in love”

Oh Sweet Love where have you been all my life
I've waited so long, now it feels so right

Verse 3
So I went to see my Baby
Told him what was going on
All he did was smile
And said “what took you so long”
He told me “I've been going crazy, I think we're in love”
This is so amazing
Baby we’re in love
I wasn't going crazy
I am so in love!
Track Name: Time Out
Verse 1
Mama could you give me a kiss tonight
Put your arms around me say it’s going to be all right
Daddy do you have any change to spare
My wallet’s a little thin
Sister do you have any clothes to share
My pants stay fastened with a safety pin

I think I’ll move back home for a while
Leave the real world behind
When things just start to fall apart
I know where I can turn
Feeling the way I do right now
I think I’ll just sleep in

Verse 2
Boss could you give me a raise today
I feel that I have earned after all these years
Or maybe I’ll win the lotto, be a millionaire
Spend it on whatever, hey I don’t care
Girlfriend could you meet me around half past eight
I need someone to talk to it’s been one heck of a day

Ma you promised me you’d sing that lullaby
The one you used to sing to me Babe Hush Don't Cry
Tomorrow’s a new day I promise she’d say
And for some a fresh new start

Verse 3
The tree that we had planted when I was two
It lacked the sun and water yet it grew somehow
The swings I used to play on in my backyard
Seem so much smaller now
Are there no such numbers as the one I have dialed
Why won’t anyone answer, I’m still just a child
Track Name: Weather Man
Verse 1
Looking out my window, I see grey clouds and they are coming my way
So much for this picnic lunch it’ll have to wait
I’ll throw on my raincoat it’ll keep my dry
But it won’t stop the rain falling from the sky
I should have listened to the Weather Man

Verse 2
The lawn is a hayfield where the dandelions bloom and the buttercups sing
All around is a white picket fence, the paint has chipped off clean
I’ll paint it tomorrow if the sun shines
Til then I think I’ll just go inside
I should have listened to the Weather Man 2x

I should have listened to what he said
Cause now I’m lying here on my bed
I’m watching the rain fall
But I don’t mind it at all
I should have listened to the Weather Man 2x

Verse 3
Looking out my window I see blue skies and they’re breaking through
All the earthworms do a sundance while the butterflies flew
Though I could stay inside, instead,
I’d rather sleep in the rose’s bed
I should have listened to the Weather Man 2x
Track Name: Shadow Man
Verse 1
I once told my mother about a man
She is the only one who really truly understands
He’s not like any man I have known before
He is a ghost and he lives on my floor

Shadow man won’t you come out today
I’m so tired of your shadow and I want to see your face
Shadow man you’re a lot like me
Afraid to come out for all this world to see
Shadow man well I hope you can hear
It’s not you I’m scared of it’s the darkness that I fear

Verse 2
Whatever happened in your days to cause you pain
Would you like to come back and walk this world again
If I had it in my power I’d give you back your life
Maybe than you’d change your ways and make your wrongs all right

Take your spirit somewhere else I don’t want you around
I am the one who’s living now and your walking on my ground
Track Name: Holding Out
I misread the writing on the wall
I didn’t realize it would take me this long to make the call
I was still trying to find another way
words alone didn’t justify what I needed to say

I was holding out for something better
in my mind I thought I had it all
Baby I thought you would be there forever
I just didn’t realize it would be me who would take the fall

Verse 2
saw you walking by the other day, you looked great
your hair was shining in the sun, you had a smile on your face
it’s good to know that you’ve finally found your dreams
seeing you makes me realize how foolish I was then

Verse 3
I think about us all the time the way we used to be
I should have promised you the moon, the stars, Baby anything
I was a fool and I’m sorry I let you go
the writing’s on the wall and baby now I know
Track Name: Everything for Love
Verse 1
I once painted you
On a canvas green and blue
I stole the stars for your eyes
Replaced them with the moon
Have you ever given everything for love
Never asked for anything in return
Just love
Oh love
Your love

Verse 2
I’ll wear a daisy crown
And a pure white linen gown
A marble stone for a ring
How beautiful the crickets sing
I have never felt so much in love before
I’ll never ask for anything in return
Just love
Oh love
Your love

I always knew one day I’d find you
Two souls would bond inside one breath
Track Name: Where's an Angel
Verse 1
Here I am the middle of nowhere
Starring at the sun
Everyone is swimming around me
I am drowning in the flood
My eyes are closed and I am watching
My lips are sealed and I am screaming

Where’s an angel when I need one
I’d like to know
Where’s the fire to melt this freezing
Deep inside my soul
What’s the reason for this feeling
I’m out of control
Where’s an angel when I need one
I’d like to know

Verse 2
My life is an open book
A diary of sin
Careful not to get too close
You might fall in
My hands are tired and I am working overtime
My feet are standing still but I am running

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